About US

Truth or Dare Dating is the new way of dating. Who say you cannot safely have fun while getting to know each other? The best way to get to know a person is by asking questions.This dating app allow you to find love while using pre-generated questions to guide you through the process of getting to know each other.

Is it a game or is it dating?It is both, this new way of dating uses one of the oldest dating and game concept to safely date and have fun from day one.  If you’re tire of wasting time, want to know if someone is honest upfront, want to chat before exchanging numbers, and want to know if someone is a match within minutes of meetings them; then this is the app for you. The first level is all about getting to know each other.  Each person uses pre-generated questions to get to know each other.  A question is asked, and an answer is given. As the old saying goes, all questions deserve a grade; well, that’s what we say. Each person grades each other answers and decide if that person is a match or not.    Level two gives you the opportunity to get a bit more intimate or explore your wilder side, but before doing so both persons must score high enough to be a match and advance together.  You can play it safe with our “getting to know you” category or turn up the heat in the “naughty or daredevil” categories.  You will get to explore yourself, find love, and have fun doing it.  

This is not your regular dating app and it is not your regular game concept.  Have fun while getting to know each other is the best way to build strong relationship.